Wrthi'n cysylltu cyflogwyr a chyflogeion gyda Syndrom Down



Ynglŷn â ni

WorkFit is the Down’s Syndrome Association’s employment programmme which brings together employers and jobseekers who have Down’s syndrome. It is a tailored service dedicated to training employers about the learning profile of people who have Down’s syndrome so that they can be supported in the workplace. We focus on finding the right employment opportunities for people who have Down’s syndrome and ensuring that they have the support they need to be successful in the workplace.

Nid yw cyflogaeth gyda chefnogaeth yn ben taith ond yn garreg gamu i lwybr gyrfaol.

The Down’s Syndrome Association want to move away from the concept of ‘giving people something to do’ to an approach which progresses employees towards expanding their experience and learning new skills through training, confidence building and opportuities for professional development.



We recognise paid work is not right for everyone. The employment options may include;

Whatever the option, Down’s syndrome specific support for employers is essential. General training around employing someone with a learning disability can be helpful but often misses too many factors that can be crucial to success – bespoke WorkFit Employer Training provides a full and detailed picture, along with strategies and resources and full details of our ongoing support.

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Nid yw Cymdeithas Syndrom Down yn gyfrifol am unrhyw safleoedd allanol. I gael manylion llawn gwelwch ein Polisi Priefatrwydd a Thelerau ac Amodau